Sunday, March 4, 2012

"A Minor Bird"

I'm happy to announce the title and cover
of my upcoming album.

"A Minor Bird"

I borrowed the name from a 
Poet who i really love and
whose work is very special to me.

The Record will be available for pre-order
within the next week.
It will also be available for pre-order
at each Eisley show this month.
(Hope to see some of you!)

You can follow @SucreMusic on Twitter
to find out more info on the album,
upcoming shows and other news.

Thanks for reading<3

Much Love, Stacy. 


  1. You are the prettiest lady! Can't wait to hear the record!<3

  2. Hey Stacey!!! My name is KELLI....and I am friends with Elsie Larson! it's top secret, but I know you are coming to MONTANA tomorrow.....I will be photographing the event and will be meeting you, but I wanted to see if you would be up for a mini photoshoot behind the venue before the show. Just a thought. Let me know!
    Travel; safe.......XOXO, KELLI


  3. stunning. i just purchased the single from itunes. your voice! ahhhh. and a bun in the oven...congrats!