Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Album Available for Preorder

Check out our official website if you have not yet.
We've already sold out of the RV Limited Edition packages
but Elsie is going to make a few more for us.
To order the record go to:

Thanks so much!


  1. Your voice.... wonderful *___* I'm so happy to have discovered this blog and the songs^^

    x L

  2. You guys were way too good last night @ the Bowery ! Please thank Chauntelle for giving me her pick :) I didn't know we could stick around and meet you guys... my wife I are huge Eisley fans & we promoted your music back home in Pakistan as well - I have a band called Dye Corduroy & we hope to be opening for you guys one fine day :) If you find the chance, it would mean a lot if you could drop a line at and I could give you my music :) Thanks again for last night !

  3. Will the digital download be available in FLAC as well?