Monday, April 30, 2012

Special Announcement!

Hello Everyone!

Today Darren and I have some pretty HUGE and exciting news to share
with you all!


Yes, it's true. I am 3 months pregnant
and sporting a tiny baby bump! 
We are beyond excited and it has been torturous to 
keep this a secret!!

We wanted to wait until after the Sucre tour to
spill the beans with the rest of the world.

I want to Thank Everyone who came out to 
the shows. It was double-y special to tour and sing
 these songs knowing all the while that i was pregnant.

Yes, the sun seems to be shining very brightly these days.
Me and Darren feel extremely blessed and excited to
start this new chapter in our lives and in our marriage.

I have never felt so inspired to write and record new music,
and Darren can't wait to buy a little mini drum set.

Our lives will forever be centered around love, family, and making music.

We are so very thrilled to share this happy news with you!

Much Love,

Darren, Stacy and future baby king!

All Photos taken by our wonderful friend Elsie Larson
Thanks Elsie!!! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Southern Belle.

Truth be told,
I am a southern bell.
I'm certain i will always be.
I love how green and lush the south is.
it honestly makes my heart skip a beat at times.
I'm so happy to be home for a few days
relaxing, enjoying the spring weather
that bring with it those longer, romantic warm evenings.
All i want to be doing during this time
of year is spending time with My Husband and Family
(barbequing if i'm really honest.)
Going for walks, lazing around reading books
and writing a song or two.

It's the perfect time to relax.
and i'm taking full advantage of it because
Darren and i leave in about a week to meet up
with Jeremy in L.A to start Sucre's first tour!
We are beyond excited!

The record release is also right around the corner.
coming up on april 10'th.
You can now sample snippets of the record at
Amazon if you like! or preorder the record here.

It's been such an amazing experience making
this record. I feel so lucky to have gotten the
chance to work with my husband and dear friend Jeremy.
And for this reason it is so very close to my heart.
I hope each of you take it and make it your very own.

Please, please, pleeeease come see us
this month while we have this opportunity 
to come and play for a few cities.
I'm not sure how much touring we'll
be doing this year but i hope it's more
than less.

Thank you all so much for your kind
feedback on Facebook and twitter.
Every message means a lot!