Sunday, January 29, 2012

I like Sundays, But not when Coffee Shops are Closed.

I need coffee!
And Nothing is open in Tulsa.
Darren and i walked to my favorite coffee place called 
"Joe Bots" but to no avail. 
I suppose i'll just have to try and make some on the bus.
Or just get over it, cause my life is pretty good.

I'm loving being ontour with my husband.
This weekend they played a bunch of TX show's
so i got to hangly-dash with my Family and
friends and it was grand!

I think Today I will start Rehearsing with Jeremy
For Sucrés first show at Hotel Cafe Coming up
Next monday Feb, 06'th
I'm looking forward to it so much!
I hope you all are too. I think it should be a pretty magical night.

Now for that bus coffee situation....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sucré Hotel Café Show

Sucré will be performing at Hotel Café in Los Angeles on February 6th.  If you’ve never been to this venue, you should know that it’s a small intimate venue with limited seating.  If you are thinking of coming to this show, you should get your tickets ASAP.  We’d love to see you there!  You can buy tickets here.

Thanks for Reading!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spinner to stream "When We Were Young" Monday!

"When We Were Young" The first single
from My new Record will be streamed
exclusively through
Monday, January 23!

Good Morning.
It's very foggy outside today
but i only saw the day light for about 10 minutes
on the drive over to where MuteMath is rehearsing.
It's a very large building with multiple rooms for
various musicians to come and prepare for their
upcoming activities. Most of what i hear escaping
through the walls and long hallways are country tunes.
(it is nashville after all)  So i just make a point to hang in the back of the
room drinking coffee, reading the hunger games book
i borrowed from my sis and watch my
 husband drum all day and chat with their
extremely nice crew. I really can't complain!

Jeremy flew in yesterday and it was glorious to see him!
First time to see him since we finished the record last month.
He is going to be sitting in with the opening band called "Canon Blue"
On Mutemath's tour.
Very excited he'll be on the road!

Not only is it great that we'll all get to hang out and have a lot 
of fun together but It will also be a good time to
make some plans for Sucré.
There are some very exciting things already lined up for this month.
I will keep you all up to date of course, as things finalized.

for now, it's back to reading and jamming to one of my favorite bands of all time!

All the best, Stacy.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Sucré! Pronounced: Su-Cray.

Actually, that is NOT how it's pronounced if i were a true frenchie. Alas, the blood line could only stay so pure over the decades and
I have only trickles of french heritage left within me but i cling to it. Oh yes, i do. And Why? because i love the french.
My maiden name is DuPree so i wanted the name
 of my new project to reflect my ancient origins and 
my overall affection for everything french!

I'm absolutely determined to take Sucré there
And do a small tour. I've never been.
It looks so beautiful!
I feel like i'd never want to come back.....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thieves suck.

Hi To All....

As some of you have heard, My house got broken into
last sunday night. Nothing too bad was stolen, only my laptop
which was already on it's last leg. I'm very Thankful
for this and the fact that i wasn't home and wasn't harmed (well, if you
don't count mentally and emotionally)
It was strange and very scary since my husband was
out of town and it was well past midnight when i came home alone
to notice my bedroom light was on when i KNEW i turned all the lights out 
when i left. 
When i walked into my bedroom all the drawers were opened
And everything was a mess.
I panicked, realizing someone had been in my house.
I FLEW out the door on the highest adrenaline 
rush of my life and sped down the street trying to call 911
but unfortunately and perfectly creepy, my phone was dead!!!

I drove to my family's house and they helped
me to calm down.

The cops came and asked a bunch of questions
said the thief had busted through the back door.
And suggested i get an alarm system (Uh, how bout' i just
find a new place to live along with that??)

I pray this never happens to any of you!
It's the worst feeling.
A home needs to feel safe and peaceful and sadly, mine no longer does:(

Luckily, i was able to board a plane and leave the whole
situation behind!
I'm very happy to be with my husband now as they rehearse for their upcoming tour.

I'm getting a new laptop tomorrow and excited to say 
i am getting closer to naming my album!

Nothing boring about 2012 so far!!

Thank you all for your kind response to the first little
teaser clip! There will be more to come:)

All the best,


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chair Claustrophobia.

Kinda a weird room eh?
It's strange how rooms have feelings.
I felt a little claustrophobia in this one, But sort of in a good way.
It was so tiny! It sat atop an Antique store
in Missouri and it had a very old smell to it.

I get so excited about small mysterious rooms
that are semi discarded!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lemon Sorbet.

Hello Wonderfuls.

Today i spent the majority of my time with Darren.
Enjoying our favorite food and lounging in our house
before he leaves to rehearse in Nashville for Mutemath's upcoming tour.
THANKFULLY I get to come with him for a good portion
of it!! I'm so excited. It's rare that our schedules align so it's
a super special gift to be with him. I love, love, love getting to watch
them perform each night.
It seems like with every tour, they manage to one up themselves!
So fun.

I will continue to post while i'm out with him.
I hope to take hundreds of pictures of lovely places and things!

Well, the night is young but i must start a' packin'!
Much love,


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Endless sleep.

I woke up to a voice who said i had been dreaming...

And i missed....
i missed everything.

Oh heaven please help me from falling back again.
In hibernation, a century of loneliness.

So i stay at home in my own world.
And i kiss it all goodbye.
Life never seemed so elegant but so trite.

No love, no loss, there is only air.
I feel no pain there is only here.

But this shall be the end of endless sleep.
I must stay awake.

I only want to hear and see what i see.
Why is this All that i can hold in my hands?
All these phrases and voices buried in snow.

-Lyrics to a Sucré song entitled, "Endless Sleep" that will be on the upcoming album.


 Okay so i'm a little embarrassed to admit that i've been married a little over a year
and i can count on one hand (Okay, maybe one and a half) how many
times i have actually cooked dinner for me and my husband.
It's not that i haven't wanted to, it's just a matter of making time.
And since we are constantly traveling to and from a few different
cities each month, i just haven't made it a priority.
When i am home i just want to relax, hang out with friends and Family 
And spend time with Darren. It's also when i get a chance to
work on music. 
Which are all GOOD things.
 But it does get a little expensive
eating out so often!!
 So this year for Christmas i asked Darren for some cook books
and he EAGERLY obliged;) The boy loves food and it's a great
feeling cooking for someone when you know they'll really appreciate it.

These were the ones he picked for me. So cute right? He is
a great gift giver.

Here is what i made from a recipe in the cookbook above. 
It was super easy and tasted delicious as you can tell from the
missing chunk out of the chicken in the picture above.
(I had to taste it you guys!!)
I am no Gwyneth Paltrow over here but i
thought it was preetttyyy tasty. 

Alright, enough about food. 
But food is awesome.

Thanks for reading lovelies!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fall Tonight. But we can start again.
I'll try harder to please you.
Why can't you stand up for me?
Is it that hard, Johnny?
I want to see you smash open wide.

One Day.

     One Day means a lot And One day comes. And Comes again and doesn't mean as much.

I'm not sure where i read this quote but i like it and have managed to
 remember it for years. 

Sherri, Thank you for the green jeans honey. I love em.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Easy Goin'.

The sun is in the sky andClouds are rollin' by andToday is gonna be one wonderful day
Hand in hand togetherWe'll be friends foreverSharing all the good timesHappy and freeIt's gonna be some
Easy goin'We'll laugh our cares awayOn this easy goin'Easy goin' day.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Here's Darren recording one of my favorite instruments we used on the album. 
It's a synth called "the juno"and it's super special.
We used it in many choruses to add some color and energy. 
It even gets a tiny solo of it's own on one of the tracks! 

Simple shot of the piano room. which as you can see, quickly became
the drum room once Darren got ahold of it. 
I had a lot of fun watching him record (and break) all sorts of things
while trying to get drum sounds he was happy with. :)
Here is Jeremy doing his magical deeds. He always has a mixture
of about three or four half-drunk coffee cups that he's accumulated
over the week sitting next to him along with one fresh cup 
from the day. The coffee shop is RIGHT next door to the studio.
Talk about convenient!!!

I'm not sure what this weird flying saucer thing is on the sidewalk
of commercial street but i felt like it was a good photo op!
Love the trains in the back ground.

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Backyard Is Frightful.

         My Backyard is VERY frightful.  There is a dead tree back there that i believe to have the same nature as one of the ghoulish, angry, apple throwing tree beasts off of Wizard Of Oz. 
Except instead of apples it's those little spiky things i used to call "Gum Balls" 
When i was a kid.
Speaking of which,  My whole life i told myself that i would NEVER 
wear leopard! It was the stuff of old people, i thought. 
Or at least old women who had lost touch with reality and were stumbling through
a wild midlife crisis begging for some recognition. 
I know, "What a judgmental little brat!" you're thinking.
Well, maybe i was. But i was probably 14 and lacking some SERIOUS perspective on the world around me.
  Anyhow.... In my recent years i've had a change of heart. 
I think it took seeing the print on women who i could relate to.
This coat is actually from the 1960's and it belonged to My Grandmother 
at one point. Who by the way, is one of my big style icons! 
(though she probably has no idea.) She's a real class act
and i adore wearing this coat for that reason.
Or perhaps i like wearing it because to me it represents confidence 
and insecurity. Both of which, i most certainly am.

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A big Thank You!

Hello! Stacy here. I Just wanted to say a huge Thanks to Everyone for the wonderful response 
to My album announcement last Monday. It meant a lot to get to read that some of you
are really anticipating it. I hope you enjoy every part of the setting up process for this album. 
I'm so excited to share little bits and pieces along the way!

Now for some tea and album title searching.......