Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A big Thank You!

Hello! Stacy here. I Just wanted to say a huge Thanks to Everyone for the wonderful response 
to My album announcement last Monday. It meant a lot to get to read that some of you
are really anticipating it. I hope you enjoy every part of the setting up process for this album. 
I'm so excited to share little bits and pieces along the way!

Now for some tea and album title searching.......



  1. I am so excited to hear your album! I know it's going to be pure magic... <3 You are also the single most beautiful lady ever!

  2. Very excited to hear your album. Can't wait for April to come. Sucré sounds soo magical! You are such a great inspiration.

  3. April 10th can't come soon enough. I have been hoping/dreaming for a long time that you would make a solo album! A few years ago, I also had a dream that Eisley and Mute Math would do a tour together. I guess all my wishes have come true :)

  4. Can't wait! Love the pics too! That dress is TO DIE FOR!!! <3<3<3 Also, when are you guys coming back to SLO?!?!?

    The new tour dates for Eisley don't have any California dates and we are all heart broken!!! :-(

  5. Stacy, you're beautiful! It took me a sec to connect the dots that you are Stacy of Eisley...I loved you back in those days and I'm excited to (I'm sure) love what you come out with on your own! Rock it.

    And I feel compelled to ask if you've heard of The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron? It's a book/independent course geared toward artists/creatives and I think you might really really like it.


  6. Hi Stacey,
    I was so so so thrilled when I saw you on Elsie's blog! Definitely count me in as one who is GREATLY anticipating your new album. Like many, I've loved Eisley for years, and I have no doubt that your song writing and voice will be as special now as it has always been!