Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lemon Sorbet.

Hello Wonderfuls.

Today i spent the majority of my time with Darren.
Enjoying our favorite food and lounging in our house
before he leaves to rehearse in Nashville for Mutemath's upcoming tour.
THANKFULLY I get to come with him for a good portion
of it!! I'm so excited. It's rare that our schedules align so it's
a super special gift to be with him. I love, love, love getting to watch
them perform each night.
It seems like with every tour, they manage to one up themselves!
So fun.

I will continue to post while i'm out with him.
I hope to take hundreds of pictures of lovely places and things!

Well, the night is young but i must start a' packin'!
Much love,



  1. So upset MUTEMATH isn't coming to New Orleans! Either way - so awesome you get to spend time with your hubby! ...still waiting on you to post up some music! ;p

  2. I miss traveling. Leave room for me in your suitcase, ya?

  3. Where did you get that gorgeous dress?! I'm obsessed with polka dots. You look gorgeous. And I'm looking forward to seeing all the pics from your trip.

  4. In love with that dress! It has the cutest pattern ever.

    found the route

  5. I'm assuming this means I'll be seeing you at the Houston show next week???

  6. Goodness, I love that image with lemons. But I love anything with lemons ^_^