Saturday, January 7, 2012

Here's Darren recording one of my favorite instruments we used on the album. 
It's a synth called "the juno"and it's super special.
We used it in many choruses to add some color and energy. 
It even gets a tiny solo of it's own on one of the tracks! 

Simple shot of the piano room. which as you can see, quickly became
the drum room once Darren got ahold of it. 
I had a lot of fun watching him record (and break) all sorts of things
while trying to get drum sounds he was happy with. :)
Here is Jeremy doing his magical deeds. He always has a mixture
of about three or four half-drunk coffee cups that he's accumulated
over the week sitting next to him along with one fresh cup 
from the day. The coffee shop is RIGHT next door to the studio.
Talk about convenient!!!

I'm not sure what this weird flying saucer thing is on the sidewalk
of commercial street but i felt like it was a good photo op!
Love the trains in the back ground.


  1. Nice photos! So excited for your album to come out!!!

  2. i love your tights/leggings. : )

    jeremy sounds like me! i'm always accumulating half drunk coffees.
    sigh, it's a bad habit of mine. haha.

  3. Ahh I love that I recognized Jeremy from Elsie's blog!
    I'm so excited for your solo album. I know it'll be greattttt!!