Sunday, January 8, 2012

Easy Goin'.

The sun is in the sky andClouds are rollin' by andToday is gonna be one wonderful day
Hand in hand togetherWe'll be friends foreverSharing all the good timesHappy and freeIt's gonna be some
Easy goin'We'll laugh our cares awayOn this easy goin'Easy goin' day.


  1. p.s. you look like Chauntelle in the second picture.

  2. You look so beautiful in that first pic! I love your dress!

  3. So lovely. Your home looks so wonderful, and you are so charming.

  4. love.
    so happy you're blogging now!

  5. This is adorable! Loving your blog, just became a follower!

  6. stacy, you are too lovely.
    may i take your photograph when you're back in nashville, this march?!


  7. Wow! You have a blog(!) and now I'm following.
    Gotta say that I'm a big fan and that I'm excited for the solo album.

  8. Thank You All So Much for the kind reciprocation on the blog/sucre! I'm having so much fun so i hope that you all continue to enjoy it!
    Can't wait to share more pictures/clips/and videos in the next
    few weeks!

    Much Love, Stacy. XO

  9. I love your hair short. It's so pretty. xo.

  10. You are so beautiful! That dress is stunning and the setting is adorable!


  11. THATS MY TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so weird. mine has a detached leg that we just kind of shove underneath which works okay since the dining area of my apartment is carpet so the legs stay pretty firmly in their places.

    oddly enough everyone compliments it even though it seems so junky to me. now that i see someone as cute as yourself with this table, i feel my mind may have been depriving my table of its true charm after all.