Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thieves suck.

Hi To All....

As some of you have heard, My house got broken into
last sunday night. Nothing too bad was stolen, only my laptop
which was already on it's last leg. I'm very Thankful
for this and the fact that i wasn't home and wasn't harmed (well, if you
don't count mentally and emotionally)
It was strange and very scary since my husband was
out of town and it was well past midnight when i came home alone
to notice my bedroom light was on when i KNEW i turned all the lights out 
when i left. 
When i walked into my bedroom all the drawers were opened
And everything was a mess.
I panicked, realizing someone had been in my house.
I FLEW out the door on the highest adrenaline 
rush of my life and sped down the street trying to call 911
but unfortunately and perfectly creepy, my phone was dead!!!

I drove to my family's house and they helped
me to calm down.

The cops came and asked a bunch of questions
said the thief had busted through the back door.
And suggested i get an alarm system (Uh, how bout' i just
find a new place to live along with that??)

I pray this never happens to any of you!
It's the worst feeling.
A home needs to feel safe and peaceful and sadly, mine no longer does:(

Luckily, i was able to board a plane and leave the whole
situation behind!
I'm very happy to be with my husband now as they rehearse for their upcoming tour.

I'm getting a new laptop tomorrow and excited to say 
i am getting closer to naming my album!

Nothing boring about 2012 so far!!

Thank you all for your kind response to the first little
teaser clip! There will be more to come:)

All the best,



  1. this JUST happened to me in december. they took my imac and my sister's macbook. :[ i immediately wanted to move too, but that's the problem w/ dallas, it's all shady. i hope you are feeling better! i had a panic attack whenever i came home to find my comp missing and my window unit busted in. and i too am grateful i wasn't home and no one was physically hurt. things could have been so much worse.

  2. That is so awful and scary. I am glad you are safe :-)

  3. So so scary! I'm so glad you weren't hurt. That could have been so much worse. You definitely did the right thing by running away immediately when you noticed things weren't right!

    Hope the rest of 2012 is safe and happy for you.


  4. This is terrible! I am so glad you were not around when this happened and that you are safe!

  5. This is so horrible!! what a weird violating feeling that much be. Let's just hope they catch the jerk!

  6. very scary! so glad you weren't home.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear this! I'm glad you're alright though! That's something to be thankful for! :-)

  8. That's terrible! Thank goodness you are ok!

  9. The worst part is feeling like a victim! I am very thankful you were not home, because that is seriously some scary stuff right there. I also hope there was no passwords saved on your computer, if so I hope you already changed bank access passwords, etc! Theives suck...and whoever stole your stuff....I hope they get an inflamed bowel! Hearts, Janna Lynn P.S. It took me awhile to think of a mean wish...seriously harder than you would think.

  10. gosh!! that's one of my worst nightmares; i'm so glad you're ok!!

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  12. Thank God you're okay and safe, take care, love Katherine

  13. :( That's not good. I'm very happy you are safe and your place wasn't completely destroyed.

  14. oh no, Stacy :( that's horrible! my cousin and her husband's apartment was broken into last year. I can't imagine :( thankful you and yours are safe, though <3

    as a sidenote, my laptop pooped out about a month or two ago. I finally broke down and ordered a replacement, lol. my laptop was coming up on 5 years, yikes.


  15. This happened to me in 2008. I came home from work to find someone had taken a crowbar to my front door. I was so scared I couldn't even go into my apartment without calling the cops first. On the upside my cute neighbor had been hit the same day and we commiserated over our lost laptops and electronics and ended up casually dating until he moved out of state.

  16. Oh gosh, that's horrible. Am so glad you're ok. it is a totally yucky, scary feeling. But new things are on the rise for you so yay for the album and all other wonderful-ness! And boo to the person who broke in and hopefully they'll be really convicted about what they did and become a good person or become able to sort things out in their life so they'll never have to resort to this again.

  17. Whoa that's terrible, but I'm really glad you're safe.
    This has never happened to me, but I was assaulted in a bus once (the guy took my cellphone and my mp3 player), and it wasn't exactly a pleasant experience. I can't even imagine what it is like to get home and find someone broke in...