Friday, January 6, 2012

My Backyard Is Frightful.

         My Backyard is VERY frightful.  There is a dead tree back there that i believe to have the same nature as one of the ghoulish, angry, apple throwing tree beasts off of Wizard Of Oz. 
Except instead of apples it's those little spiky things i used to call "Gum Balls" 
When i was a kid.
Speaking of which,  My whole life i told myself that i would NEVER 
wear leopard! It was the stuff of old people, i thought. 
Or at least old women who had lost touch with reality and were stumbling through
a wild midlife crisis begging for some recognition. 
I know, "What a judgmental little brat!" you're thinking.
Well, maybe i was. But i was probably 14 and lacking some SERIOUS perspective on the world around me.
  Anyhow.... In my recent years i've had a change of heart. 
I think it took seeing the print on women who i could relate to.
This coat is actually from the 1960's and it belonged to My Grandmother 
at one point. Who by the way, is one of my big style icons! 
(though she probably has no idea.) She's a real class act
and i adore wearing this coat for that reason.
Or perhaps i like wearing it because to me it represents confidence 
and insecurity. Both of which, i most certainly am.

Thanks for reading,



  1. You are seriously too cute for words Miss Stacy! Love this! I have an old fur coat from my great grandma and I said the same thing about wearing fur that you did about wearing leopard. But I wear it because it's so special to me!

  2. My nails are leopard print right now. :)

  3. I love this so much. I hope you keep this blog going even after you release your album.

  4. I love wearing things that were my grandmother's and great grandmother's! It gives me an extra boost of confidence and courage. They were such lovely women.

    I saw a leopard vest the other day I was embarrassed to be drawn to. Glad to know those feelings were normal!

  5. I have to say as I've gotten a bit older I enjoy animal print more too. I used to think it was tacky, but it just depends on how you put it together. You've done a great job with it!