Saturday, December 15, 2012

Little Sickly. Mostly Happy.

Our little family has been a bit sick this weekend. Thankfully nothing to awful. Just the kind of sick that makes you want to laze around and watch a bunch of arrested development, eat croissants and soup and cuddle your 2 month old.
Wow! 2 months. Where has the time gone? I feel like Scarlett is like an oak tree. but instead of counting the rings to tell her age I am counting the rolls!  Okay, I know that was a weird analogy but it just made sense in my silly mama brain. 

I can't wait for our first family Christmas together! 
We will be traveling to the lovely land of Springfield, MO where all of Darren's family and a good amount of our closest friends, musical companions and all around good people reside.

Hoping to record some Sucre stuff during that time as well! Eee!

Jolly-o dearies! (Sort of like cheery-o but you know...cause Christmas..baahhhh)


  1. you don't look like a woman who just gave birth. You look amazing :). Glad your going to be recording more music as well. Your voice is so precious.


  2. Hope you all feel better and have a fab holiday!

    Darren's pink pants are awesome.