Monday, June 4, 2012


It's hard to put into words just how incredible
life has been lately. 
So many new changes!
Although "Changes" sounds like too generic
 of a word to describe the emotion i feel lately
for all that is happening.

I can say with full honesty that i
LOVE being pregnant.
Thankfully i have had a really easy go
at it thus far and am still able to do most
everything i did before, at 5 months pregnant.

I am currently in the studio recording
with my other band Eisley. This will be our 4'th LP.
We are recording and producing it ourselves
and so far i feel great about what we are doing.

Sucre has some exciting things in
the works as well. 
"A Minor Bird" has been out 3 months
and so many lovely things have already come about from
it's debut in April.

My life feels full of color
and love at the moment and i'm so happy to share it with you all.

For those of you who were curious,
Darren and i are expecting a Girl in late October
and her name will be Scarlett. :)

Love my Family. Love Frozen Yogurt.

Look! We bought a house!!
Here is a 3D image of little miss Scarlett 
from my sonogram last week!
We can't wait to meet this little face
in person!!

Now it's time to pick out a middle name.....
any ideas??


  1. Beautiful! Scarlett & Stacy sound perfect together.

    How about Elizabeth? That's what my middle name was supposed to be! But alas my parents settled on Lynn.

  2. you look incredible, stacy! your little one's clearly going to be a special addition. and i l-o-v-e the name 'scarlett'. my daughter's middle name is 'scarlet', and she came out with red hair!! thanks for the updates; i can't WAIT for eisley's new lp.

  3. That house is adorable. I'm so excited for you for having a beautiful baby girl! I am also having a baby in October! :) It's such a wonderful feeling knowing this little life is inside you.

  4. For some reason Scarlett Ivy King resonates with me. Anyway, she's most likely to be a beautiful baby because of her stunning parents. Best of luck! x

  5. What a lovely house! so beautiful :)
    and Scarlett is such a perfect name for your daughter

  6. I really love these amazing posts about your pregnancy, maybe it's because i'm growing as a woman, but i feel so full of love when i read your entries. Scarlett is such a cutie name! I like Poésy as middle name n.n

  7. Hazel, Piper, Eden, Avery, Aria, Harper, Olivia, isla, Emma

    Congrats to you two :)

  8. I searched names and found 5 or 6 names that I thought had a really nice sound with Scarlett: Rose, Mae, Joy, Angel, Grace and Claire. :) I am so excited for both of you!
    Are you on any registries yet?

  9. Scarlett Ivy Carnation King would be S.I.C.K. :) LOL!

    On a serious note, Stacy, I wanted to point you to an amazing book and an herbal formula from the book. The book is called Polly's Birth Book, by Polly Block. The author delivered hundreds of babies and taught midwives for a long time. We delivered our 5th child, Nephi, 4 months ago, at home, completely unassisted, after reading that book. The herbs she recommends also helped alot. You can find them here: They help reduce bleeding during and after birth, among other things. Take care, and congratulations!

    1. Thanks so much!
      I will look into it. I am planning on doing an at home natural birth:)

  10. First of all, as if you weren't already inspirationally awesome enough, these pregnancy posts are making you even more wonderful! I can only hope that one day I am as lucky as you and your family. :) and I have to say, when I first read the name Scarlett....I said to myself Scarlett there's my suggestion! (or something similar.. Raechel, etc). I also dig Emily with it! Whatever you choose, she will be beautiful and blessed. xo Breann

  11. Miss Scarlett! Gone With the Wind has been my favorite movie since I was a little girl and since have had a plan to name any baby girl I might have Scarlett, too! So lovely choice!!! Could never decide between Lorraine and Leigh as middles names, though. Don't have to fuss too much about that yet, though!

    Whichever you choose will be perfect.

    So, so happy for you! What fun!!

  12. I've loved you since falling in love with Eisley in college and I'm thrilled to see how happy you are! I can tell how much genuine joy and excitement you are experiencing. That house is gorgeous (I hope you'll share a home tour!) and Scarlett is a beautiful name. Congratulations!!

  13. I love Scarlett Olivia King or Scarlett Jean King (I'm very partial to that middle name...mainly because it's mine). :)

  14. I love my middle name Mae. There is something so Southern about it, and I am not even from the south! ;)
    I can't wait to see how spoiled this little one is going to be and all of the fun outfits that she is going to wear!

  15. This post made me tear up a little! I know exactly what you're talking about, how your life feels full of color. My son was born last October & I never expected that my heart would be this full, like it could seriously explode! I'm so thankful for that little guy... The magic you're feeling now will only intensify once Scarlett arrives & I'm so happy for you, Darren & your families!

    P.S. - Your house is GORGEOUS & I like the middle name Jane, it's simple/feminine!

  16. I agree with Mae, Scarlett Mae sounds lovely!

  17. I like uncommon names...

    Scarlett Arden King/ Scarlett Emery King.

  18. I have to say I'm partial to using family names for new babes. My name, Alessandra, was my mom's maiden name, and all the boys are named after many uncles, fathers, and gpas. Maybe you could find some inspiration there ;)

    So happy for you and Darren! Scarlett will be very happy too! Love the new house... Any ideas on the nursery yet?

  19. First off Congratulations, I am so happy for you and Darren! She is going to be a beautiful and talented little girl!

    Since Scarlett starts with an S like Stacy, what if her middle name starts with a D like Darren?
    Daisy, Dusk, Doe, Dancer, Dawn.
    This website has tons of awesome names you might like:
    Good luck with the name hunt!

  20. Well if I can just throw my name into the ring as everyone else has, hows Scarlett Vanessa King//Scarlett Rae King.

    now that's out of the way. I just want to say how excited I am for you and your family. Everything seems to be going so well for everyone, and I'm really happy about everything everyone's doing. and I can only hope that you'll all be doing the things you want for as long as you can. you guys are all so amazing.

  21. Wow Stacy that is so wonderful. I am truly happy for you and your adorable little family. Congratulations. As for names, how about June? Take care, much love.

  22. Scarlett Catherine King would be a super regal name or Scarlett Elizabeth King.

    Both current Royal names in the form of our current Queen and of course Duchess of Cambridge - Catherine Middleton.

  23. I like Utterly Mundane's suggestion of Scarlett Ivy. It just rolls right off your tongue and I think Ivy is a beautiful and thriving plant that becomes stronger, abundant and breathtaking as it grows. Just observe what is around you the next few months....the perfect middle name will just show up. = )

  24. So wonderful! I'm sure you get these kinds of comments a lot, but you look so much like Chauntelle in that photo of you with the long dress. Also, what a great photo of the two of you in front of the house! Also, funny that a handful of people have said Mae, because I was going to say Rae.

    Oh, good luck, Stacey - and good things. Such a sweet, sweet time. My pregnancy was kind of miserable, and I never want to be pregnant again, but it was still a very sweet time.

  25. Congratulations Stacy! I'm so happy for you. I've been following you since we were babies (I say we, since I'm just a couple years younger...) and I used to imitate your style to the best of my ability, etc.
    But, as for middle names, I think something simple but classic would work best next to a gorgeous first name like Scarlett.
    Scarlett Moira King is an idea from me.
    I think Moira was one of Wendy Darling's middle names. I've always loved the name. Wendy Moira Angela Darling... such a pretty combination of names. :)

  26. I knew it was a girl!! And congrats on being homeowners! Your house is beautiful!!

  27. so beyond happy for you and Darren. You two truly deserve all of these wonderful things happening for you, and my heart is full of so much joy for you!

    Scarlett Clare sounds good. Haha, just kidding. Love you guys!

  28. Scarlett Amelie King
    Scarlett Helena King
    Scarlett Alba King

    I love the name Adele (fell in love when I read Jane Eyre.) It's probably really big right now, but sounds beautiful with Scarlett! I drew from literature and music for my kids' names. Scarlett Julia sounds pretty- could reference the Beatles' song Julia, which is a beautiful song. Wish I would had used it or Prudence! I think names ending in "ah" flow well with Scarlett & King. Congrats again :)

  29. Is it weird that it never crossed my mind that you could have a boy? It has always seemed like a girl to me.

  30. I like Scarlett Mae King too! My middle name is Mae as well. ;) I am so unbelievably happy with you about this sweet girl. She is going to be a little piece of magic: soaring beauty like your voice, steady rhythm like Darren's beat.
    I was just listening to Hiding Out and the best way to express my love for your music is to say my gut can hardly handle it. The way you three have crafted that sound so that it physically thrills my body with its beauty is just amazing. <3

  31. That is legitmately my favourite house in Tyler! I'm so glad you guys bought it! (:

  32. Maybe, Scarlett Belle King (kind of like southern belle and the Disney princess, who is french).

  33. i would think a musical influence (even if it is out of the ordinary) would be a good fit! something like scarlett lennon king or scarlett yorke king... could be cheesy for some but so fitting. something special to symbolize why her parents got together, their musical abilities or a name or word that reminds you of where and when you fell in love.

    p.s. congratulations on everything and your house is GORGEOUS!

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  35. congratulations on your lovely new house and on Scarlett i know she will be beautiful and insanely talented!! =] i think Scarlett Lydia King sounds nice or Scarlett Renee King! =] good luck on your name hunt!


  36. How about..."Darcy"? A combination of Darren and Stacy. A little cheesy? Perhaps.:) But cute!

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  38. I love Mae, it's very Southern and sweet

  39. the good thing about posts like this this is that the happiness has such a lovely way of spreading to people reading it :D so happy for you and i wish you well for the continuation of the happiness you feel and your pregnancy! ^^ x

  40. She's already such a beauty <3 just like her mama :)

    I like Kay for a middle name... and ^^ Darcy has a nice ring to it.

  41. Congratulations on it all! It does seem like such a magical time for you! Scarlett Bird has a gorgeous and unique flow to it. Plus it could be a deeply special way to commemorate the time, beauty, and memories you shared with your husband on your A Minor Bird album, which is part of the reason you are so happy! Sweet and meaningful. Good luck choosing! No matter what, I'm sure you will end up with whatever is the perfect name for your little lady :)

  42. i've always dreamed of adding a bit of my family into the names of my children when the day comes i am blessed with a child. Like my grandmother or grandfather's names somewhere in the mix. I have many inspiring people in my family i want to honor and i love doing so with names. I'm sure whatever you choose, it will be perfect.
    Scarlett Stacy sounds wonderful, in my opinion.

  43. Oh my goodness, Scarlet is the name that I even had wished that I myself had been named!!! And the extra t to it is unique! How about Scarlett Hope King? Congrats by the way! :]

  44. I guess it would be odd if you chose Eisley as a middle name? ;) Some unique names come to mind: Holland, Maryland, Winter, Elloree, and Selah (my niece's name). Not sure how they go with Scarlett. Congrats to you and Darren! So excited for you and your family. :)


  45. Scarlett Elise King.

    Has a nice ring to it, no?

  46. Scarlett Nevaeh <3 [pronounced either neh-VAY-uh or just neh-VAY --- and, I'm sure you may know that it's Heaven, spelled backwards.]

    <3 <3 <3

  47. OMG! I know I am probably late for all this but what about Joanna, and you look spectacular Stace. COngrats to you and Darren as well! I love the house so cute, its almost exactly what I pictured mine to look when I got older. But can't wait to here more of Sucre music as well as Eisley! <3