Friday, December 21, 2012

Baby Love, My baby love.

Quite honestly,
I feel like having a baby is the best thing I've ever done.
Im savoring every second of watching this little girl grow
and i don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

Its a pretty special thing having a new baby right in the
middle of the holidays. i definitely recommend it!
the Christmas spirit is like WOAH.
It is strooong!

Life is so busy at the moment and its a bit tough
to steal away and write music but lucky for me
i have the worlds most supportive, sweet
husband and family who understand my need
to continue that part of my life.
I would go crazy if i couldn't write.
no, i mean it....
Probably actually nutty. like, go to the farm kind of deal.

It's weird as humans how we have these
deep individual needs and desires.
Becoming a Mom has revealed a new one to me.
One i wasn't even sure i had.

I hoped deep down that i would.
But you're never really quite sure until
you have your own baby and then.. BOOM!
It happens. you fall in love.
You're met with this new found happiness.
And with it comes so much fulfillment.
Again, fulfillment that you didn't even know
you needed!

Pretty cool.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Stacy, you are so gorgeous! You look amazing for just having a baby. She is so beautiful.

  2. I hope that when I'm mom I could aspire to look like a total babe, like you.

  3. I love the love in your eyes. So precious~

  4. Oh my goodness, she looks so wonderful! What a cutie! She is getting so big. I'm glad that you are loving mommy-hood.


  5. she looks sooooooooo much like you in that last photo.

  6. love those cheeks! You look beyond gorgeous! Your blonde hair is great on you :)

  7. she is beautiful :) and I have to say I love your shirt!

  8. You and your sisters make having babies look so good! It's like you guys were made to be moms. I'm so happy for you to feel so good in your role of mama, and the obvious love you have for Miss Scarlett. She's gorgeous. :)

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  10. You and your baby look so happy and healthy! gorgeousness!

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  12. Lovely pictures!

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  13. You're only adding to my baby fever ;) is this your home? It's GORGEOUS!

  14. Listening to your solo stuff now. I have listened to you and your sisters since my husband and I got married back in 2009 and we are already pregnant with our 3rd! I totally get what you mean about falling in love with your baby. With each kid it's only gotten stronger. Love your stuff! Keep singing and writing and sharing. xoxo

  15. Been looking up stuff about Darren King and Sucre and just discovered this blog!! Would love it if you could post stuff on this blog again! :-D