Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Life.

Well Hello there, has it been a while!

This poor blog has practically been in hibernation
since the release of Sucre's debut album. I apologize for the M.I.A status.
it wasn't my intention to abandon ship or unplug from you all. 
It's simply that i didn't have time to keep up with blogging during my pregnancy.
Now, hang on a second. i know you're thinking "wait….aren't the only things pregnant women do are sit
around all day and eat bon bons?" (or in my case macaroons)

 Umm, sort of.

But it actually turns out the past nine months have probably been the busiest of my entire life.
What with growing a baby, 3 tours, writing and recording Eisley's 4'th LP (which Mr. Jeremy Larson
may or may not have a hand in mixing/strings) and overall growing in every way imaginable
and eagerly anticipating the arrival of my newborn Daughter, I'd say I've had a lot on my plate.
But its all been absolutely wonderful and very exciting.

Scarlett was born just 6 weeks ago and already my life has changed
in what feels like a thousand new ways.
i am not the same woman, she has forever changed my heart for the better.
i feel born again myself and overwhelmed with love for this tiny little person.
She is perfectly beautiful and Darren and i could not be more greatful to God for her.

I have already begun writing again. i suppose i have much to 
be inspired about lately!

Though A Minor Bird still has so much life left in it, i am very
eager to get the gears moving. 

So with that said, i hope you'll follow this new journey of mine as i venture
into motherhood and deeper into myself as an artist and song writer.
i hope that you enjoy my updates, thoughts and pictures (i promise not ALL of them
will be of my daughter)

Sincerely Yours, Stacy.


  1. Congrats stacy on the baby can't wait to hear more from you

  2. So happy for you. can't wait to hear more music. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing here again. So happy for you two, well now three (!), on this brand new stage of life.
    Enjoy it to the fullest!

    Much love,

  4. She's gorgeous! Congratulations Stacy and Darren!

  5. She is absolutely gorgeous! Everyone seems quite smitten with her! Does she have a middle name?

  6. she is SO beautiful. Congratulations Stacy. Your family is so beautiful.

  7. Little Scarlett is adorable. I love seeing the pictures you post of her on instagram. She is a little bundle of cuteness! :)
    Anyways, A Minor Bird was one of the best albums I listened to this year. Everything on that record is just perfect!
    I can't wait to hear more music from you! Have a great holiday and best wishes to you and your family!

  8. She is SO adorable! Congrats to both of you. :) Glad that life is going well and that you are being so inspired!


  9. Gosh, Scarlett is the loveliest name

  10. So happy for you and your new little gem! Can't wait to hear what lovely music comes from the love and inspiration you must be feeling!

    Blessings, Stacey!

  11. Happy you update your blog, since i follow you on instagram and twitter, i saw that pretty face frequently, Scarlett is the prettiest baby! and i would never get tired of her updates too :)

  12. This is amazing! I love this blog. I can not wait to follow yalls precious lives. that baby girl is just too much!

  13. Congratulations, Stacy! I cannot wait to hear the beautiful music and words that come from that tiny beautiful life :)

  14. so precious. And I adore the name Scarlett so much. Its beautiful. I'm excited to see what kind of music this newfound joy you have received from the Lord inspires you to make and I am diggen your instagram pictures of your child because it just shows how much of an amazing mom you are. So many children lack loving homes and I am blessed whenever I see parents who truly adore the gift that children are :)