Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good for The Heart.

This month i had the really good fortune of being with 
My Husband for the first half of his tour.
It was so much fun and i felt like the luckiest
girl on the planet getting to watch him play every night.
It's amazing how much i still crush on him when he's playing
those drums!

Our flight home was SUPER early and neither of us slept
the night before. So this started our week home off
in a jetlag spiral, thus i am blogging at 5AM 
And feeling alive and well snacking here and there
 Listening to Darren jamming M83
from the other room while he works on a little project.

Our life is very strange and always changing.
We've been traveling so much lately and
it's just the beginning! The next few months
are going to be filled with touring for both Eisley
and Sucré.

We're hoping to book some shows
to coincide with the release of the Sucré record
in april.

That is, if you guys think that's a good idea....

If not, well....
I'll probably just cry for the entire
month of april and then eventually go get a job
as a Nanny...

Because, we all know that's the next
coolest job after getting to be a musician. 

Infact, my friend Karin is a nanny
and i'm preeetty jealous of her.
She gets to share in these kids
childhood and buy them cute
sparkly pink shoes. Laugh at 
the funny things they say and then
turn em' over to their Parents at the end of the day!
Plus she gets paid!!!

MAN. All you Mom's out there
are getting jipped BIG time...

just kidding.

I hope some of you will be able to make it out to
some of these shows whether it's for Eisley or Sucré.
It would do our hearts good.

Speaking of doing good things for
my heart, maybe it's time for bed!


Photos by the fantastic Mrs. Larson
Taking at the equally awesome Mr Larson's studio
in Springfield Missouri where we tracked
the whole record. Such a nice place.


  1. SO gorgeous! That dress is killing me!

    I'm a nanny, and agree it's a pretty amazing job! I love it more than any I've had so far, and get to hang out with an amazing little guy every day.

    Pretty sure you won't have to resort to that any time soon though.:)

    Hope sucre can come play in Nashville! I would be a happy lady.

  2. And on today's agenda: heart shaped cake pops. I know, I know, it's a hard livin'. Miss you so much! Can't wait to eat your face!

  3. I would be soooooo very happy if Sucre could come to Pittsburgh!! I know Eisley is coming in march, but I have a night class and have to take a math test that night D: one more reason to hate math...

  4. Ohhh that dress!
    Yes, Sucre should tour! It'd be lovely for you to come to Greenville, SC in April : )
    Or even Asheville, Charlotte, or Atlanta - I'd drive to all of those places.

  5. Brace yourself, Mr. King, that's almost-ready-to-be-a-mom talk.

  6. You should definitely do a Sucre show in Chicago ;)
    And you look adorable in red!!

  7. I initially saw these photos on a beautiful mess, and found (still find) them stunning! your invisible children performance was quite lovely as well :) I must know - where ever did you find that perfect hat?!

    :) christen

  8. To kind of echo "Two Happy Hearts" thoughts... yes, you should visit the Midwest, AND do a tour in Omaha while you're around :) Your sound would definitely draw a crowd!

    - Jessica

  9. These photos are great!! I agree with the above comments! Most DEF Sucre should go on tour! That would be wonderful and you should come to Spokane, but if you come semi-close then I will still come! :) I am super excited to see Eisley next week up here in Spokane!! It is going to be so amazing!! I've been waiting to see you all live again! By far my most fav band ever! Seriously...I can't wait!! :)

  10. praying you come to philly this spring/summer!

    love, a nanny in nj=)