Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vintage Shopping in Boulder, CO

The Other Day MuteMath had a day off in
the very cool city of Boulder. 
Darren and i sought out to find the best coffee in the city
first thing (duh)
And took a friends recommendation to try out Ozo Coffee.
Oh. My. Goodness.
It was a SERIOUS coffee experience!!
It made us so jovial that we were ready to
explore the city and hopefully find some good shopping.

We happened apon an insanely amazing vintage store
called "GOLD MINE" and boy was it!!
I was about to have a heart attack with all the cute
vintage dresses this place had hiding in the racks!

The girl who worked there was SUPER sweet
and complimented my Red Velvet Dress
I told her all about my friend Elsie
it was so fun talking with her,
i love it when store owners are friendly.

I really wanted to find some new dresses
for my trip to L.A + Sucre's Show on Monday!

This is the first dress i tried on. 
I loved it but the sleeves had holes in the armpits!
Can't be baring my under arms while i'm singing. 
 Love, love, loveddd the collar on this one.
But alas, it was a wee bit big:(

 I sort of regret not getting this one, but it was a bit pricey + kind of big.
 At last! We have a winner!!!
I'm a sucker for cute buttons and long sleeves. I had to have it.

 Oh MY! this was a last minute find and a total surprise.
I love the mod vibe of it. The material is a little thick for my liking
but i just thought it was too cute to pass up.
 So that sums up my shopping trip! 
After this, Darren and i went for some Crepes. YUM!
twas such a special day.

Here is Darren... just looking cute and talking with 
the Cannon Blue boys.
(They are wonderful) 
 check them out!
I think some of them will be joining me onstage
for the cafe' hotel show this monday!
 Elevator shot! <3 

Much love, Stacy.


  1. Don't be wonky! I can always take dresses in for you so that they fit! I am a master seamstress. <3

  2. You guys are such an attractive couple, haha. Also, your phone? Cutest thing ever. Where in the world did you get it?

  3. That mod dress is so cute!!!!! Totally suites you

  4. you're so cute. i love the faces you make

  5. Your not kidding! That place was packed with beautiful frocks! I love the ones you got. Sweet score. :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

  6. The dresses you got are spectacular! You & your love are so lovely together. I hope your upcoming shows are fantastic!

  7. You guys are so sweet! Your comments mean a lot and I really
    Appreciate all of the encouragement:)

    Love, Stacy.

  8. You guys are adorable! Love the dresses you picked :) Your iphone case is ah-mazing...seriously where did you get that... i love it!!