Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When We Were Young Live Performance With "Invisible Children"

Hello Lovelies!
I'd like to share a little live video that we
shot with the wonderful people at "Invisible Children"
We had fun hiking up into an abandoned Zoo
to perform this song.
The scenery was beautiful and it was
a really fun experience.
Invisible Children is an organization that aims to stop the longest-running 
war in Africa, to end the abduction of innocent children forced
into fighting and to rebuild schools and provide education and jobs
in northern Uganda.

We were so happy and thankful to be a part
of something that is for such a great genuine cause.

Sincerely, Stacy.


  1. wow this beautiful. you sing so effortlessly and wondeful! i can't wait for April

  2. "Sorry we're unable to offer this video to users in your region"

    NOOOOOOO!!!! Why does MTV hate me for living in Australia? I've been dying to see this video. :(


  3. thee perfect post on an Ash Wednesday. Sucre Culin et gentil (jwatee) le reste. Yeah, Powerpuff to Africa this is whats going on and on and on and. yo, endless Thanks 2 U all 4 the hike. careful how that wood is sensitive to temperature change, the heel on my strings busted open from playing out in the winter snow

  4. I know Eisley's not coming to Florida this tour, but it'd be so sweet to see Sucre' live. I'm in Miami, but anywhere in FL would be fine I've driven to Orlando several times to see Eisley so I'm down for a road trip if need be. Actually I know MuteMath is playing Ft Laderdale March 16th...feel free to try to fit in somthing then...I'm just saying. Can't wait to hear the album guys I'm sure it's gonna be magical

  5. it sounds so great, and you look beautiful!!!
    cant wait for more!

  6. LOve it! My 9 mo old daughter does too! :)

  7. I've watched this video about thirty times, and it gives me chills every time! 41 days!

  8. This is wonderful...I live in northern Uganda and have been following Eisley for years and years. Excited for this new record! Congrats!